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eTwinning project “Surprising English”

опубліковано 31 трав. 2018 р., 00:48 НВК Дев'ять Кам'янець-Подільський   [ оновлено 31 трав. 2018 р., 01:02 ]
                This year our 8 graders took part in eTwinning international project “Surprising English”. A lot of different European countries became partners of the project. The project started in September and is going to be finished in May. 
                The aim of this project is to arouse the students' interest to English by the help of surprising activities. Every partner has sent an unknown activity to use in English classes  in a surprise box to another partner two times. We had the surprising box exchange  with our Turkish and Bulgarian partners. It is well known that children learn better when they are motivated and curious. The most important point in our project is to excite the students  and make them have fun with learning English. Students  have made the materials for their friends.
                We also used Web 2.0 tools to assist the surprising activities such as storyjumper and In March, we had the online conference with our Turkish partners. Now we are designing the project e-book

Our online conference