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Тиждень англійської мови завершився днем Америки в Україні

опубліковано 28 лист. 2016 р., 03:30 НВК Дев'ять Кам'янець-Подільський   [ оновлено 28 лист. 2016 р., 03:35 ]

Учні демонстрували стиль одягу різних епох США та змагалися у своїй ерудиції на знання фактів про країну. Цікавим та змістовним був концерт ,  на якому усі ще раз почули історію виникнення свята Дня подяки  та насолодилися співом та номерами художньої самодіяльності.

The script of the concert held during

the English Language Week -2016

devoted to Thanksgiving Day

Hi, everybody! Today all of you are Americans and some of you are cowboys. American days in our school run to the end. You learnt a lot about the history of the USA, about traditions and customs of this country, about outstanding people of America. America is a friendly country with friendly people.

1. Vadim Berezovskyi “Cowboy’s Blues’.

Imagine a time many thousands of years ago. A group of hunters came to a huge, unexplored land.

For many thousands of years the descendants of those hunters moved farther into the new territory. Finally they settled in all parts of the land. Different groups developed different languages and customs. These people were American Indians or Red Indians.

Then, one day, a new group of travelers came to the land. They had new customs, new languages and a very different way of life. They were Europeans.

2. Karina Danilova ‘Something New’.

The settlers who left Europe and arrived in the New World brought many European customs with them. Sometimes they even brought the names of their native towns and countries. As a result, there are a lot of places in America which have the names of European towns: New London, New Orleans, New Paris.

3. Lena Tarasenko ‘Bang’.

In November of 1620 the Mayflower brought a group of Pilgrims to America. They founded a settlement in Massachusetts. It was very difficult for the Pilgrims to survive the first winter, but they were greatly helped by the Indians who lived nearby. The Indians showed the Pilgrims where to fish and in spring helped them to plant crops. The next November, when Pilgrims had gathered the crops, they invited the Indians to a great feast. It was the first Thanksgiving. Wild turkeys were on the table on this meal, and since then the turkey has become a symbol of Thanksgiving Day.

4. Meet our nice little turkeys.

The first 13 English colonies started in America were developing their country. Merchants were selling goods to other nations. The colonists felt stronger. They wanted to have more control over their future.

On July 4, 1776 the 13 colonies declared themselves independent

5. Vlada Khudzinska ‘Cups’

Many of the early Americans were adventurous people. They crossed mountains and made homes in the wilderness. By 1850 the nation had grown until it stretched all the way to the Pacific Ocean. As the nation expended, Americans kept trying to make their life better. Millions of newcomers – immigrants – also marked the great day. They had come to this land of opportunity and hoped for a good and happy life.

6. Renata Polubotkina ‘Euphoria’

In the period between 1800 and 1900 the United States changed from a small farming nation to a big industrial country. Between 1900 and 1945 the United States faced many problems at home and overseas. By 1945 the United States had become the strongest and richest country in the world.

7. Nazarii ‘Tell me why’

America is proud of its prominent writers and poets: Benjamin Franklin, Fenimore Cooper, Samuel Houston, Beecher Stowe, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain O.Henry, Ernest Hemingway.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is an outstanding American poet and humanist of the 19th century.

8. Sivkovska Tetiana ‘The arrow and the song’.

9. Sabat Sofia ‘Hello’